fact attract birds

When our third child was a couple of weeks old, E leaned down and kissed me goodbye as he left for work with the parting words.. ” The basement is flooded. Gotta go”. We sold that house shortly afterwards. It didn’t have the water feature we had dreamed of.

I always had plans for a water feature in the garden design of our second house.. Twenty two years we worked on that garden. I had a spot picked out for a pond to attract lots birds. The shrubs and trees planted in a pattern which would embrace a beautiful water feature. I imagined myself drinking coffee on the patio watching birds frolic in the water. It never happened.

Now we live here             April 2 275

The herring spawn took place on the east side of the island this afternoon. By the time we got back from town, the eagles were full and content. They littered the tree tops and rocky shores digesting their meals.

We missed the actual feeding frenzy… maybe it will continue tomorrow. We will go down to SoHo and check.  We had been in town running errands. We ordered a cupboard door for the W’s, found some new plants and bought groceries.. When we got home we unloaded the boat,  put our groceries away and dropped off the dogs. Picked up the camera and headed back out to take pictures.  There were eagles scattered along the shore around the marine park…. lots and lots of them… I would say easily hundreds because for the sixty on the beach there are twenty adults in the trees that you can see and twenty juvies hidden.

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So hundreds!!! I am working on a video, but it isn’t ready yet.

With this our third (and final ?) house we have our water feature and it does in

fact attract birds



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