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The sole purpose of this afternoons post is to show my Southern friends and family the herring spawn in the bay at SoHo..

We went down early this morning to see if anything was going on and we must have caught it right at the beginning. We watched it spread throughout the day until it took up the better part of the bay. We lost the wildlife competition though,  to shell beach across the channel. It was inundated with eagles, gulls and sea lions while we sat like the family on Halloween who are known for handing out toothbrushes.

But it was very cool indeed to watch the milky white spawn creep across the water. We are home now and the bay is probably going wild with activity. The spawn really seems to have crawled in a clockwise motion around the island. Maybe it will come to our house yet here at the North end.

We had little to show for our day but the pictures of the bay. We moved a few things off the perch to prepare for summer.. We don’t need quite so many bird feeders out there as we do in the winter. In the winter it is our entertainment to have the birds outside the window. Summer time we need to spread them around the property a bit more.

There was a lovely wild flower growing on the Point which I had never seen before. Probably because I haven’t been up there in April in twenty years.april 10 026

Tomorrow it will be a day in the garden and I hope to have lots of pictures to show you of my progress… But for now, it is after five and I find myself completely surrounded

by no wine.

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  1. The sweet wildflowers are blue camas. Baby Link should be a mass of them soon. The white variety is death camas, obviously not for eating. However the Aboriginals ate the bulb of the blue camas. Watch for the blue-eyed Marys and the fawn lilies which you probably already can identify. Lots of fun coming up still!

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