very little roaring

We checked the beaver camera this morning and only another deer was caught at the pond. We will leave it a couple more days and then bring it back to our garden. Perhaps Hudson has given up and JN won. We took the garbage and recycling to the boat and filled it with gas ready for our trip to town on Wednesday.. Easier to load the boat a day or so in advance when you aren’t in your fancy city clothes jeans.

Puttered in the garden for a while. But at one I headed to the perch.. just in case.. The giant pod of sea lions went by again, just like yesterday. I have uploaded a video of the (parade) but I know you are probably sick of sea lion videos.. Watch it if you have nothing else to do if for no other reason to see that I am not exaggerating.

A parade of sea lions continued for the better part of the afternoon.. I don’t know if they are the same ones every day swimming back and forth or just a giant migration south…                  April 7 025

I spent most of the rest of the day out on the perch until darkness forced me inside. Between the otters, sea lions, seals, hummingbirds and hovercraft, I had plenty of subjects to photograph.

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E wasn’t feeling perfect today so took it easy. We didn’t have the greatest sleep as the sea lions kept us awake all night with their huffing and puffing and barking and woofing… they should be called sea dogs, there was

very little roaring


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