by my perch

Great turn out at Coffee Shop this morning. AW thought there were fifteen islanders in attendance. Our second youngest community member turned two this week so candles needed to be blown, cupcakes needed to be eaten and a song, of course to be sung… The crowds are starting to return and the 2014 “Season” about to begin.

Absolutely great to see MR and JR back from their sunny winter retreat. They had asked me to hold onto the herring spawn wildlife until their return and I did try my best. They went up to the Narrows to see if the sea lions were still there today. As they followed a raft back into our channel a pod of five Orca appeared. They were right beside their boat!!!.. JR was kind enough to alert us to the excitement.

We filmed the activity from the perch. As it turned out we would have probably had time to get the boat but if we had done that the Orca would have just as likely come right under our house and I would have been disappointed.                                         april 6 056

A large pod of sea lions (100) had swum past about an hour before the Orca. They were right under our house … Maybe they were hiding from the whales. If so they did a good job because the whales stayed on the other side of the channel..

I have uploaded a very brief video of the (Orca)

I had about four productive hours in the garden this morning after coffee shop. But tomorrow with all the goings on I will not be able to get anything accomplished lest I leave the window right at the moment an Orca jumps into the sky

by my perch.

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