makes me cry

I don’t cry anywhere near as easily as I used to do.  Watching old family videos are disturbing to see how often I cried during events which were supposed to happy.. There are videos of me toasting E for his birthday and I am an embarrassingly emotional fool… Weird to think that happy pills made me cry all the time.. Maybe I wasn’t taking enough!!  🙂

When my eldest opened his fifth Christmas stocking he exclaimed with each wrapped gift “a car! “another car!” “another car!!” One of his presents under the tree was a race track. His excitement over the fifth car was as intense as for his first…. When we took our second son at 5 years of age to Disneyland and we hit California he exclaimed “a palm tree”. “another palm tree! ” another palm tree !!”

I have the same excitement as a five-year old here with the sea-lion activity..

We had taken the family boat to Nanaimo to have the hull scraped and painted. To take it to the Marina, E drove it up to the Marina on the water through the Narrows and I met him with the car in town to drive back to BH. We returned to the island on the TinMan. I wanted to go with him today on the water to pick it up, to see the sea life and also just for fun. KY drove us by car to the Marina on the island and E and I brought the family boat down through the Narrows together.

We had so much fun… The sea lions were surfing on the tide and playing in the whirl pools. We went back and forth through the Narrows a couple of times. We had the same problems as with the spawn the other day. I didn’t know where to look with the camera. If I was shooting in front of me they would be jumping behind me… We had just so much fun watching them play… E thinks he would like to come back as an otter in his next life because they seem to have the most fun but after seeing the sea lions surfing today I would disagree.

I have uploaded the video of the  (herring) spawn from two days ago.  I have now also uploaded a video of the (sea lions). I apologise for both. In my defence I am only using one arm and am on a swirling boat. I don’t know if it is the music I chose or the sea lions but todays video I admit

makes me cry

april 4 dodd narrows 113

Herring brings the Surf Scoters

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