price per bottle

I quit drinking on January 1st.. I also quit drinking on January 2, 3rd and 4th.. I had hoped that if I quit drinking wine it would save us enough money to build the deck.. The Doctor suggested I quit drinking wine so I switched to beer for a while.. That didn’t help… I love my 4pm glass of wine and that is just not going to change… ever..

We had the single best day of the year so far. It was absolutely beautiful here today. I went up to the garden at 9 AM and came back down at 3. I stopped weeding for a few minutes when the Y’s sailed by. They are preparing to sail to Alaska this summer and had to take the boat to the city last night..  They had a gorgeous sail back at noon.   april 1 067

The garden is progressing slowly. It was it nice up there today. I was in a tank top basking in the sun and paused to watch the hummingbirds often. Might explain the pace more than the one-handed excuse. But I am making progress and it is looking really pretty with the spring bulbs in bloom.

We had a burn pile too. Nice to get the last bits of debris cleaned up while I was there.

JN is having the dickens of a time with the beaver. Hudson keeps blocking the pond over at the bottom of F’s hill. The water is supposed to flow down the culvert passed the F’s house to the ocean. But Hudson blocks it at night. JN comes back in the morning and unblocks it. At one point the water backed up the mill road. In 1965 the loggers had a road down to the pond. JN has rebuilt it so a fire truck can go down to fill a tank if necessary. Hudson thinks this is just hilarious and moves the branches back to where he wants at night. E set up the motion sensor camera down beside the pond to try to catch Hudson in the act. Hopefully he gets to it at dusk so the lighting is better in the pictures. Stay tuned.

Finished  our work for the day we moved to the perch for four hours of sun therapy. The squirrel is so used to us now he came and ate peanuts from my hand

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Tonight we bottled 30 Pino Grigio.  We bought another kit for 30 Amerone. It is a red wine and supposed to be very good.. Then we will have 90 bottles in stock… I think rather than quitting drinking wine entirely I should get bonus points for dropping my

price per bottle


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