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I am going to ask the Executive to install an Otter crossing sign on Dead Truck Hill. This afternoon we had to brake while we followed a very mellow otter travelling down the middle of the road to the pond at the end of Owl Lane.                                      june 13 part two 004

We were just coming from town. E had taken the family boat to the city to be scraped and painted. It was a gorgeous day to go through the narrows, flat calm and blue skies. I drove up and met him. In November I fried my mix master by turning on the generator while the machine was in the on position.. That is a big no no living off grid.. Luckily, we didn’t fry anything more expensive. But I have had to wait four months for its repair… Now I can make bread again…

We  then headed down island. We bought 160 pounds of propane, 80 litres of diesel, 45 litres of gas and filled up the car with gas.  Ugh .. one of the true chores of living off grid is you need to supply the generators, boats, chainsaws, fridge, stoves and hot water system with fuel. The good news with the arrival of spring today is that the solar power is going mad this afternoon racking up the power to the inverter… More sun.. less fuel.. it’s a good thing.

In grade five, Penny Wheeler couldn’t pronounce my name.. It’s not that hard but she invented a nickname. It isn’t a very attractive nickname and to this day only seven people are allowed to use it. There used to be nine but Mary’s Mom and Carol have passed away… There would be only six but we grandfathered Hils daughter into the fold and she is also allowed… So seven..

When E introduced me to his Grandmother she said “that’s a silly name, what is your middle name?” I told her. She said “that’s a better one, I will call you that!”  She never did,  but continued to mispronounce my first name.  I was very fond of her and her interpretation was actually endearing…

When we filled up the propane down island today the guy who served us was very nice. He wore a name tag which

read Harry (Scum)


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