I watch birds

It rained most of the day. I didn’t complain too much as I was tired from our trip.. Spent the better part of the day asleep in front of the fire. The sun was out by two and we were able to get out to the garden .

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We returned to a beautiful spring garden filled with the scent of Hyacinth.. Twenty one garlic plants are up.. I thought there should have been more but they look healthy.  I took out the berries at the end of the garden by the compost and have begun to plant a flower garden there. The azalea from the J&S, a yarrow from B&S, a herb from E&H (what is it called again?) the rose from the W’s and a peony from Didi…. The evergreen shrub is against the fence by owl lane.. I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called but it I will get big and green and healthy.. and will provide a nice background to the other flowers. The braided oleander seems unhappy but it will rebound with the better weather.

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We planted the Colorado Spruce at the entrance to the property. We had to put a big fence around it to discourage the deer. Hopefully it will be able to establish itself before they get at it.

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E started to lay out the lighting system… We will probably have to adjust the solar panels to find the greatest sunshine.. But its a start…march 27 066

The humming birds have returned in their glory.. both types. We have two feeders filled on the perch. They are everywhere, even on the pathway down to the house they were dive bombing me…. I think they want me to fill the feeders up in the garden and are impatient. This feeder is outside the den window beside where the TV sits. E watches hockey and

I watch birds.



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