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so much safer


We are back from an unexpected trip to the big city. E was called back for an extra test (everything is fine). He has to have two more. They can be scheduled for the hospital nearer to us. By the time they are done, the Doctors will have poked and prodded all of his best bits. It is all precautionary.

Getting the boat loaded and unloaded is a great deal less scary with the weather better. When there was snow and frost at BH, it could get precarious. We have all been complaining for years about the conditions at our marina. The finger for the family boat is almost sideways. There are random boards missing and holes in others.. Our moorage for BH is due on the first of April. It is almost 4000.00 between the two boats..

We stayed  with a friend in L. Lets call her Didi.. She sold her family home and moved to the townhouse complex when we did.. She hated it as much as we did and has since returned to L. She has a nice townhouse and has extended  an open invitation to us when we go to town to stay in her guest room.. Her place is just a couple of blocks from my families so we aren’t far from the dogs.. It was a quick trip in and out. Great to see my Mom, sister and Didi…

My Moms garage is still full to the brim with stuff from our family home..   .IMG_0791 We filled another truck load and will bring two more loads back in the spring when we visit the dentist. Included in this trip was a division of a peony from Didis garden, a Colorado Spruce which we bought for our last Christmas tree and an ever green bush (??) which I bought for the townhouse deck. We also brought a brand new playpen, bocci set, vcr, a full tool box. Included was the greatest score of the year.

We have wanted to put solar lights on our pathway so we don’t lose anyone off the cliff. One of the dogs has fallen off (Bacardi) but we would like to keep our guests on the up side of the cliff. Our pathway is in the dark so the typical solar lights don’t work.. We needed the kind with a separate solar panel. We hang the panel in the sun and it feeds power to the lights through a buried wire. It is an expensive option.. $200.00 for 6 lights and 30 feet of wire.. We have a long path….

We have kept our eye open at black Friday sales in the states, Ebay, clearance bins off-season.. Nothing… But yesterday after the hospital we stopped into Home Depot. They had six boxes of their regular stock on sale as the boxes were damaged. All of the parts were untouched and still in their packaging. The boxes were held together by duct tape and a prayer. Regular $200.00 on sale for $42.00. What a deal? Right? We took four boxes up to the till and she rang them in at 16.96!!!! We went back for the other two.. As E was scanning them in the self-serve the cashier came up and told us the boxes were in terrible shape.. She would give us a 10 percent discount.. 15.00 for the last two.. So we have 1200.00 work of pathway lighting… (36 lights, 6 solar panels, 180 feet of wire) for 100.00…. Score!!!!

I am so excited. E will put it together tomorrow and I will show you a picture… Pleased that we are so much less likely to lose anyone else off the cliff..

Arriving at BH this afternoon we noticed that the marine operators have heard our concerns about the safety of its tenants.. We noticed they have added a life-preserver and at least two emergency ladders..

I feel

so much safer

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  1. Ha ! I was wondering what our $1000’s of dollars was going for in BH. That is too funny. I wish I knew who their insurance company was so we could send pictures. That might spur them into action. But then, they would probably charge us double next year 🙁

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