here to see it

You can’t schedule a day like today. You can’t plan for a day like today.. Today, was why we came here.

I had four hours in the garden weeding in peace. Sammi found a sunbeam to lay in and kept me company. It was quiet and warm and I was able to get a good bit of the garden tidied. More ahead for me tomorrow… But it felt good to be there.

E spent the day cutting up wood at JN’s clearing. He cut it up and was able to bring two more truck loads to the driveway and it is waiting to be chopped…firewood in the shed is money in the bank..

Then it was 3 pm and the sun was shining like a hot August afternoon. E was resting, so I went to out to the perch and sat in the sun with the ocean to myself. After an hour with just the birds and the squirrel I took a minute to look more closely at the ocean.. Small bubbles were appearing on the surface.march 21 020

I took the binoculars and was able to see the herring just below the surface. It is the day.. The herring arrived march 21 st at 4Pm… Here is the video.  (herring)

When E awoke he joined me on the perch. Then the eagles arrived.. five were circling.. The baby eagle snuck down for a quick snack of herring. Then the dolphins arrived. My video isn’t very good. I didn’t have my glasses. But you get the idea. (dolphins)    A pod of dolphins swimming in the sun in front of my perch.. You can’t plan for that. I am so glad we were

here to see it.

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