is black gold

Monday morning moon set

When we were living at the townhouse I attended a mixed herb basket making workshop in the clubhouse.. I am not normally a clubhouse workshop attending kind of person but I was trying to be agreeable and meet our new neighbours. That and my friend who had moved to  the same townhouse complex … made me go.

The know it all bossy woman teaching the workshop usually held these workshops in care homes and schools for the mentally challenged. Lets call her Prickle..  Prickle was unclear on the reason why we were there. Aside from providing the legitimacy for 8 women to drink wine in the afternoon, we just wanted to get to know each other and have a laugh.. A wicker basket with a herb garden for our kitchen counter was incidental. We paid 25.00 and brought our own wine… She got the baskets from the thrift store and spent probably 5.00 on the herb starters… She seemed reasonable with those facets of the afternoon but then Prickle lost her mind, driven to speak to us like we didn’t have a brain cell in our head and had never grown so much as a weed in a ditch. She lost her mind when I asked her to pass me the dirt… “Dirt?” she mocked  “Dirt?”  “It is soil my dear and don’t you forget it” “What we are using to grow these fragile”  (Parsley fragile?? ) “What we are using to plant these fragile herbs is soil”…. “Don’t ever make the mistake of calling it anything else .. Ever!!!!!”

Weeding is not a hardship for me.. I sit on a comfortable cushion, usually in the middle of the mucky dirt. soil. It is beautiful soil rich with lots of big fat wrigley worms. There are no phones ringing and I can work at my own pace. There is no clock and if I mistakenly pull a flower instead of a weed. No one knows but me. It is a mistake free zone.. My happy place.

I have an answer to the mystery of the feathery plant in my garden from the other day. According to BR it is in the carrot (Umbelliferae) family, a weed and something to get rid of quickly. The old adage remains true in my garden again. If it is alone and easy to pull, it is a flower. If it is everywhere and hard to pull, it is a weed.. It is a simple guideline which never fails me. I removed what I could see in the garden and have since noticed it fairly often around the property.

My garden is broken into two halves. The vegetable garden and the flower garden. Each of those is split into three by a path.  I have finished weeding one half of the flower garden and one half of the vegetable garden.. It still looks like hell but I am making slow progress. If the weather would just cooperate I could be done in no time. Once again I wimped out today as it was cold and rainy. The weather could not make up its mind and I gave up waiting for the sun.

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E was much hardier than me and chopped wood like a mad man.

I thought of Prickle when I was weeding this morning. I was sitting in the dirt, covered head to toe in mud. She was right, it  isn’t dirt that BR left me in the garden. It

is black gold.

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