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do know that


As mentioned many times before, when we got here we knew very little.. Now we know some, but not much.

The first day we were here I was up behind the vegetable garden and walked past a very large pile of poopage. In my defence there was an article in the paper on the biggest little nearby island  about a bear sighted near the apiaries… The poopage wasn’t any of my dogs (I recognise it on site) or an otters or a racoons.. it was much too big.. I know deer poopage and it wasn’t that.. I took a picture on my iphone and sent it to my son. He was recently working in the bush and quite aware of what bear poopage should look like.. What is this? I asked… His response, quite rightly so was.. What kind of mother sends a picture of sheep scat to her son on his phone?

I had a letter from a neighbour this morning and apparently there has been a credible report of verifiable bear scat on wharf road on that bigger little island on March 2nd. Speculation of whether it was getting ready for a swim across to the medium little island and then per chance a walk across to hers and ours provides some entertainment. I will keep an eye out for foot long poopages and keep you posted….

E and DY took the fire truck for a spin today and it is running much better than last week. They had adjusted the throttle and choke cable, added oil, anti freeze,  wd40 and put premium gas in the tank. Perhaps that has done the trick.. Then he chopped some wood.. I weeded in the garden..

It was gorgeous and sunny out but cold . A cold northwest wind came up last night and it blew almost 60 km through the night and this morning.. It is still blowing and quite cold in the shade. I tried to keep in the sun with my weeding but I am a wimp and came indoors after two hours..

I started my peas indoor using the method recommended to me by BR. Soaking between wet paper towels, covered on top of my fridge. Once they sprout I will plant them in the newly weeded vegie garden.

So to all of you expert gardeners out there..

This pretty little plant    image         is everywhere in my garden, Is it a weed?  Anyone?

It is 4 pm. The sun is brilliant through our living room window, I am surrounded by seeds, and catalogues and gardening magazines. I don’t have to cook tonight. We have left over pasta (tomato sauce made from our own canned tomatoes) for dinner and it is time to pour my glass of wine. Cause the sun is over the arbutus tree and that means its happy hour. I

do know that

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Loved your vivid post of spring on the island. Two hours of weeding? You do NOT qualify for wimpdom, sister! Enjoy your well-deserved happy hour. B will comment on the greenery.

  2. Hooray for the truck meisters !! Thank you for all your hard work 🙂 I agree, 2 hrs of weeding does not define wimpyness. Still trying to figure out where the bear is, on M maybe?

  3. In a month, I’ll be there weeding too, although by then my weeds will probably be totally out of control. I’ll be buying pea plants because it will be too late to do what you are doing – sprouting – which I did for years. But I have a tip which comes from experience and hopefully I can help you avoid the mistakes I made in the past. I used to put the sprouted peas directly into the ground, properly spaced and at the right depth, virgo style. Then about a week later I came out and saw them all dug up all over the place. At first I thought it was S digging them up, but then BR told me that it was either birds or voles. Whatever. I tried it again the next year, same thing. The next year, I said enough is enough and so I bought these little cardboard pots and planted the sprouted peas and put them in the kitchen window. After about 3-4 weeks I had lovely 3-4″ pea plants. The trick, and this is important, is when taking them out of the little pot to put in the ground, you pick off the now slightly rotting pea. Now you have a pea plant with no pea on it for the voles to dig up. Bingo, success!!

  4. That’s where you take a tape measure to ensure totally accuracy of 1″ apart. (Just kidding).

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