good side of life

I think it is really important to keep track of our learning curve. It is surprising how much we have forgotten already about our experiences in the two years we have been here. I am so glad I started this record and can see how far we have come already.

Part of the reasoning behind keeping this journal is for record keeping, part of it is to keep you all updated on what is going on here and part of it is for therapy. My therapy.. I am trying to stay sane without benefit of happy pills.

I am so honored that you choose to read along and follow our lives here and support us in our attempts at surviving off grid.. We make a lot of mistakes and you have all been great in encouraging us. I know you are all busy and that you take time to read along, is really appreciated.

In 1999 it was suggested I keep a journal. Writing things down seemed to help me focus and put life into perspective.. The days seemed so overwhelming sometimes but to see the stress outlined in words seemed to settle the worries and help me focus on all that we have.

But I was thinking about the value in reproducing the journal entries focusing on E’s illness It seems to me that it is focusing on the negative of our lives.. Do we really want to dwell on it? Is it interesting at all for anyone else? I don’t know.. If it is, you are all welcome to keep reading it. I do think I want to reproduce the journal for the record.  But we are back on the island.  The Doctor appointments are over. Our life has resumed and it isn’t about illness and stress.

We had a nice visit with everyone at coffee shop this morning. We had a great day working outside. E lit the burn pile and tidied up the mess from our downed trees. I planted the azalea and started to weed in the garden… It will be a big job to get the garden under control. But at least I am in the garden and have a started on the job.

I have moved the entries for E’s illness to the section of the blog listed as Gift of Life. If you hit the link you can follow along any new postings on that topic.. But I think it is more interesting for you, better for my health and our happiness if we return the focus of this

blog to theDSCN8721

good side of life.

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