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the island spring


march 9 230Winter is over. I know that because we said goodbye to it last night in style. To celebrate day light savings time we had dinner with the Y’s and toasted our success of another relatively event free winter living full-time on the island.. The second winter for both of us. Fully aware that one year we may not be so lucky we felt the mildness of 2013/14 needed  to be acknowledged and toasted…and so we did..

Today E and I spent the day cleaning up the mess caused by the trees which came down during the snowfall next to the apple trees.

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On Sunday, Sammi had a great time swimming in the pond next door while I pruned the wild roses that were laying along the road. Saturday it had rained all day and he was pretty happy to get outside and stretch.. Owl lane was a mud bath.

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We head to the big city tomorrow to see our family and a just a few Doctors. It will be a marathon and exhausting. It is E’s annual visit to the heart transplant team. It involves an EKG, Chest X Ray, Echo Cardiogram, full blood work up and a visit with his GP, Cardiologist and Dermatologist.  It is much simpler than what he used to go through. Before he hit his ten-year anniversary he also had to have a stress test and heart biopsy.. We are coming up to his 14 year anniversary on the 22nd and his testing has become routine. (gift of life).

Had a great call this morning from a dear friend of mine who I met while in grade eleven. Her daughter (who is also my friend) had a baby girl yesterday. Always great news to hear of the arrival of a healthy baby to a very excited pair of new parents. How my friend got to be so old as to be a Grandmother I can’t understand. I am still much too young 🙂 What a lucky little girl to have a Nan like my friend.

I will finish with the proof that winter is over.. This picture was taken at 7 PM tonight.. It wasn’t that long ago that I was taking the dog up to shake his leg before it got dark at 4….  Welcome to

the island spring!march 10 012

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  1. Nice trim job, thank you !

  2. Great Blog. I can just see the cyclamen and budding daffs…but the sunset photo made me tear up…again!

  3. Happy spring!!
    We’re planning on coming over Friday for a few days and to air the place out. Hope to see you.

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