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Peaceful Easy Feeling


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At least I have stopped talking about sea lions all of the time.. This week there is a definite focus on the eagles. We have had some amazing shots as they hang around the house… There is usually two of them but sometimes I think I hear three. I named them Henley and Walsh . Today I was able to get a good picture of the third.. He wasn’t a figment of my imagination.. Henley and Walsh have a Small Frey

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In between the hours I spent watching the eagles and trying to get a good picture I worked on my rock garden.. Layering with rocks, leaves, ashes and compost… It is slow going but I am in no rush..

E built me three bird houses. He hung one outside our bedroom window, one in a tree by the back deck and one above the new rock garden… I will be able to watch little birdies learn to fly while I am in bed, drinking on the deck and in the garden. Pretty much the only three things I do around here.

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One of our sons is coming for the weekend so I made chicken souvlaki and a cake… …Hopefully the weather will be good for the weekend and he can help E with some projects .. I’m thinking they could fabricate a nest for The Eagles outside my bedroom window so they could serenade me with

“Peaceful Easy Feeling”

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  1. Great photos, I’ve never actually seen a baby eagle, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks L… the benefits of sitting in front of the window all day accomplishing nothing but the occasional interesting photo…. He must have been around last year but I never saw him.. I dont think he is a baby…

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