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piece of cake


We had to go to town yesterday.. E had to visit the lab for his annual tests.. If we didn’t HAVE to go, we wouldn’t have. It was by the far the ugliest weather we have had on a trip to town. The water was flat calm but it was cold and snowy and just plain ugly. Living here full-time we usually have a choice on our days of travel and chose days like yesterday to curl up in front of the fire. We have been here almost two years and haven’t had too many days I wouldn’t want to be outside for just a little bit. I expected and planned for days like yesterday in November and even February. But they are forbidden in March and I have sent a letter of complaint to Environment Canada.

march 3 023

Daffodils peaking out in the planters

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the car at BH had a dead battery.. There is nothing wrong with the car and if we lived in a normal world the battery would have been working. But we live here and here it is impossible for all batteries, generators or engines to work at the same time…

Both island trucks and both boats are working great so there had to be a volt or watt voodoo thing and it imploded on our BH car.. It was snowing at BH and there wasn’t a soul around. Battery was dead and we had no jumper cables… What we did have was access to two boats… E pulled out the battery from our boat and found an old pair of rusted jumpers on the Iluka.

We added Canadian Tire to our stop list and are now the proud owners of yet another set of jumper cables.  We have learned to drive around on the island with an extra battery and cables with us at all times. A week doesn’t go by where something doesn’t need jumping.

I haven’t been able to get much done in the fenced garden yet so I thought I would tidy up around  the entrance to the garden.. It isn’t so much a rockery now but I am hoping it will become one.. If there is one thing we have on this property it is rocks.. Three of the big rocks at the entrance have a natural bird bath in them… I am filling in around the large rocks with smaller ones from around the property, ashes from burn piles and a little compost. I will see if I can grow some deer resistant plants in the crevasses.. The most successful deer resistant plant is a rock.. but I will see what I can do.

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There is some great advice in the blogs I read about living off grid. The Cayenne pepper treatment to stop bleeding was genius. I disregard the advice given by people who don’t actually live off grid but are in fact preparing for Armageddon . They spend their time stashing guns, ammo and dried beans.

I would suggest that living off grid one should collect less weaponry and more firewood and batteries. Efforts should be focused on ugly weather, frozen pipes and preparations for the Voodoo Energy Vortex. Once E and I solve the Voodoo Energy Vortex, the end of the world problems will seem like a

piece of cake

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Kudos for your Terrific Sense of Humour! It will take you far in your “Life in the Nature Channel.” Ah, the memories of just WHY we have so many jumper cables to this day…. But they do still come in handy. As for those wannabes who write How To books and cookbooks, I thought the cookbook with nearly every ingredient from a tin, told me that the writer had NEVER tried to survive on such bland, salty fare. “The Cottage Cookbook” must have been a throwback to life in the 50’s. Oh, well, the giver was well-intentioned.

  2. Like the voodoo energy vortex, made me laugh. Only because we have been in that vortex many times ourselves.

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