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the same magic


We had full water tanks for an hour.. All of our tanks topped to the brim. E added a little chlorine and we were set. Good to go. Dandy. All was right with the world… and then I asked E if he thought the danger of frost was over and the taps in the garden could be opened for my puttering needs… He didn’t see why not. We have lots of water.. Go for it… What ever you want… let’s do it…. He opened the taps to the garden.

Thirty six hours later after having a post burn pile shower…. just as I was rinsing off my hair conditioner the water pressure in the shower started to sputter.. No!!! I begged “please .. just a little more , I am almost done! ” and with a final splash on my hair.. sploosh the water was done.. gone.. pipes dry .. no more water…

I came out (got dressed) and we stared at each other as the sun set, dumbfounded… How could the water be gone?  The tanks were full… We figuratively retraced our steps. We share a well with a neighbour… E shakes his head in disgust at himself as he remembers %&^%$#$  He forgot to turn off the tap in our neighbours cabin when he opened the tank… (When he winterizes the cabins he opens the taps to drain the pipes)….. He went up to the cabin, with a flashlight as it was dark by then and sure enough… the tap was open…. Luckily, we had only opened one of our smaller tanks (450 gallons). But it was all gone… 450 gallons of water down their drain…. It’s a good time of year to make this mistake and it wont take a week to refill… but geez… will we ever stop making stupid newbie mistakes 🙂 ?

We drowned our sorrows with a nice glass of red wine with our steak.

March 3 005

E bottled a red wine Friday (29 Valpolicella) and as I write this he is mixing up the Pino Grigio.

We had a nice time at SoHo celebrating the purchase of The Point with S&S…. They were just here for the weekend but  it was great to see them looking so happy. 

I wind up with what I learned today which can be filed under  wilderness medicine. I burned my hand at the wood stove two weeks  ago .. It was an open sore and has shown no signs what so ever of healing… I tried all the usual things…. (aloe, polysporine, magic pink cream from EU).. air dry, band aids.. nothing.. just an ugly open wound…

Then yesterday I read quite by accident on a blog where a woman had cut her head at her off grid home and her husband put cayenne pepper on the cut to stop the bleeding… This morning, with nothing to lose.. I shook cayenne pepper onto the open wound.. and like magic the wound dried up and started to scab immediately… It didn’t hurt at all…The only thing I would do differently next time is wear my glasses when picking out the cayenne from the spice cabinet because smoked paprika didn’t do

the same magic

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Yikes about the water ! Hate when that happens. Interesting about the cayenne pepper, hadn’t heard that before.

  2. Tell me more about the wine. Was made from your grapes or a kit?

    • We were given a kit for Christmas. This was our first attempt… I think it will work out to two or three dollars per bottle when all is said and done. Good enough for sitting on the perch and drinking at sunset.. I don’t know how good it will be to serve to company…. thanks for reading!

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