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my coffee black


We went to town yesterday. It was a fourteen stop day.. good friggin gravy.. Where is Woodwards when you need it.. When I was a kid on Saturdays we went to Woodwards, Oakridge.  Every Saturday.. My Mom didn’t even have to steer the car .. Her Pontiac Strata Chief knew the way… I am telling you without question everything we bought yesterday could have been bought at Woodwards and I can probably tell you exactly where in the store it would have been… One exception and that is my weekly wine.. sure.. I will give it that.. but in my Mom’s day she could have accomplished yesterdays trip.. with two stops.  Last night I fell asleep in front of the hockey game.. I don’t know who was more tired me or the dogs.

Today it was going to be 7 degrees and looked to be a beautiful day. The snow has all melted down at the house. I headed outside with a list of planned activities. I was going to experiment and plant some peas in the garden. E turned on the water to the garden so I could rinse out some buckets I will be needing soon.. (our water tanks are full to the brim)…. I got to the garden to discover the rest of our property was still 4 inches under snow.  Pea planting was off the list… I filled the wood bin with the remainder of the wood stored behind the outhouse by the R’s. We had planned to use that wood (mostly Arbutus) in February as it was close to the house and easy to get to if there was a snow… (there was).. Here it is Feb 27th and the wood will be done by Saturday.. Pretty good scheduling I would say…

With the wood all gone.. I got to cleaning up around the area… All of the accumulated twigs and leaves are piled in another part of the hill to compost. Nothing goes to waste around here… I can make it a bit more attractive with a top-dressing of soil .. but that can wait til April.

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E opened SoHo up for S&S who are coming for the weekend.  His next project was bottling the red wine we started. One hiccup,  we lost the corks between PC and home  yesterday.. Those of you walking around the island, please keep your eyes open for a bag of corks…. we would love them back…

We have a kit of white wine to make next. When all is said and done we will have sixty bottles of wine to get us through the summer..  With a successful vegetable garden and the wine stocked… I would never have to leave the island if I could just learn to drink

my coffee black.

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  1. …or get a cow..

  2. Your walk to the outhouse is gorgeous!

  3. OMG how well I remember piling up the arbutus next to the outhouse. Lovely that it made the house cozy. That arbutus is like GOLD.
    EU suggested today when I told her how teary I get sometimes when I read your blog, that I stop reading. “NO WAY,” I told her! I just LOVE hearing how you two are in the right place and how you love your life in the little shingled house on the cliff!

    • We are so lucky to have you leave us your treasure….. Please don ‘t be sad !!!! Not an hour passes when we don’t think of you and all of your work.. Big giant hug!!!!

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