need more Baileys

Floor project is almost finished.. We can now make full use of the dining room suite we brought to the island. Unfortunately, we had to give up the storage which the nook provided but…. I really wanted to sit right next to the window while

drinking coffee and watching sea lions.          feb 23 018                     It is usually just the two of us… so the leaves are collapsed.

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Regarding the mens Olympic Gold hockey game, there were four options… stay up, get up, pvr or not watch at all… This house was a get up house… We got up at 3:30 and KY came down.. She brought some yummy treats to eat while we drank coffee and got our brains in gear..

After the game (Yeah Canada) we had  pancakes and sausages before watching the closing ceremonies… Now that the Olympics are over we can return to our dry toast and coffee breakfasts….. I will miss those morning treats!!!!

While the game was going on it was snowing.. The first real snow we have had since we moved here in 2012.. We went for a nice walk and have now settled in front of the window by the fire. All of this accomplished and it is only noon…

If the snow should continue and we can’t get off the island we have lots to eat but we are going to

need more Baileys.

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