pigs in #$%%

Ok, I am off my soap box and back to my perch… Thought it would be a good time to look around and give a status report.

To the best of my reckoning, tonight there are thirteen people sleeping on the island.. It is 300 acres in size, and that gives us each about 23 acres to stretch our legs without bumping into each other.. There are five dogs and judging by my experience this morning, a gazillion tics. They have apparently all found Sammi to be a tasty delight.

This morning, during the hockey game I found six tics on his neck.. I know .. G.R.O.S.S. !! We thought with the frost last week the tics would be killed off.. not a chance.. 😦

The Y’s came down to this morning and once we could tear ourselves away from the view at the window, we watched the hockey game.

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We are using one half a wheelbarrow of wood a day now but most of it is Arbutus and it is the gold bar of firewood options. The R’s left us in great shape with firewood stock. After almost two years here we are still benefiting from their labour, working our way through wood they chopped and stacked. We are currently burning the wood behind the outhouse. When it is finished I am going to rake the area out and put in a rockery… Hahahahahahah!!!!! …. its funny cause it is a rock cliff behind the outhouse… But I am going to rake out the leaves and tidy it up a bit… My brother-in-law found me a cool “thing” at an estate sale and I think I have found the perfect place to put it …. ???????  I will show you if it works out…

After almost two years here we have figured out our diesel is about $3 per day and our propane  $2  per day. So 150.00 per month for power. Heat is free (but hard work)  and Satellite is 47.00 per month. Internet/Cell Bill is $270.00 per month. (16 GB data on our two lap tops and unlimited long distance on the 2 iPhones ). We aren’t doing without anything we want to live comfortably here. We  keep in contact with our family and have all of the electronic entertainment we need. We spend 467.00.  Our property taxes are one fifth of what we paid in L. We have to pay two boat moorages now so I kind of think of them as our property tax equivalent..

All being said I don’t know that it is any cheaper to live off grid when you live with all the comforts of city life. I am sure we could save a ton of money if we got one of them tin can and string setups that BF promotes. If E wasn’t into hockey and I didn’t like to put my feet up and watch a good movie at the end of the day.. we could save a bit more.  But we came here for simplicity, peace and quiet. We didn’t necessarily come here to live like Thoreau at Walden Pond. We  have everything we need… and we are happy as

pigs in #$%%.

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