end of the cliff

On Friday we went to town. A visit to the dump and then to Sleggs. E can really show a girl a good time on Valentines Day. We bought the hardwood to patch the floor in the kitchen nook and den. The house came with an eating nook but we came with a dining room set and six chairs… The benches had to go.. We need to repair the floor so the table can butt  up against the window and I can have my morning coffee and stare at sea lions.. (drat I promised myself, that I wouldn’t mention sea lions today)… (oh dear I did it again)…..

Our eldest son works for Wildfire Management and has been posted near us this season. He can be deployed all around the province but his base camp is near us so hopefully he will be able to visit. He works on what they call RAP attack.. Three person teams who jump out of hovering helicopters into remote places to put out small fires (lightening caused) before they can become big fires… As you can well imagine this is a dream job for a guy in his twenties with a Forestry degree in Conservation. So long story short he is in town getting requalified for his first aid and is visiting for a few days…I see wood splitting in his future.. 🙂

The problem we have had with his visit is the timing of the winds. The weather has been interesting. We have had to pick our windows carefully for trips across the channel. E drove him over early for his exam yesterday as there were high winds predicted.. gusting to 100 km !!  I didn’t really believe them and I probably should have. Last night just after we went to bed the winds were blowing I don’t know.. strong but not unusually strong. and then whewww! gusts of 100 km… small branches were landing on the house, Sammi was freaking out… We have a skylight above our bed and we could watch the trees bend down and touch their toes above us… E promised not to let go of me if we should find our selves floating in the channel.

They are saying gusts of 100 km again today sometime and we are hoping to pick up our son before it starts… E has been up to check on the W’s and everything looks in order. When we finish our coffee we will take a drive around the island and check on our friends houses and SoHo… We have lots of little branches around our pathway but can see nothing major… The squirrels are happy that the pine cones have come to the them but the birds seem to be a little shell-shocked… Six hours clinging to branches in those winds will wear out a little bitty bird…

But so far we are still on the right end of the cliff.IMG-20110807-00085

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