wood splitting today

Yesterday it was blue skies and sunny around here.. but noticeably colder.. Out of the wind, up at our neighbours lot we were able to get another truck load of wood and drop it by our shed.  I rekindled the neighbours fire to keep warm  clear more debris for him. The wood is all gone now until he gets his excavator going again.. Two of our sheds were empty when this began last week. We have brought down 7 truck loads of wood and it is just ready to be split and stacked… As of yesterday afternoon this is where we stood. It is wood we expect to be using the winter of 15/16.

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E was going to continue splitting today but it was sooo much colder. We bundled up and went down to the den to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. After two hours of arbutus wood burning in the stove, not five feet away from where we were sitting, it was still ten degrees colder in the den.. only 12 degrees!!!! I was under two blankets and Sammi was hidden deep underneath too…

Two sea lions ( I have named them Loud and Also Loud) were partying outside our window at 4 AM again… I was ready to throw a bucket of water on their heads when I remembered why I live here.  They and all of their friends returned during the Opening Ceremonies. We put the Olympics on pause to take some pictures..  In keeping with the Olympic theme of the day they were having a grand ol time performing a synchronized swim routine…

Check out the video under the utube link on the main page.

The ceremonies have finished, the sea lions are still playing outside and we are back upstairs in front of the fire with our books and coffee. There are small little white things flying in the sky (snow)… There will be no

wood splitting today

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** note  by three pm it was blue skies and sunny again.. we still aren’t going to do any work

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