new favorite thing

Growing up our neighbours had five kids and a rickshaw.. No lie a rickshaw.  Their Dad was a pilot and somehow came home with one.. I know!! Awesome neighbours to have. The kids on the street had a lot of fun with it as you can well imagine It was our favorite thing..Despite their Dad bringing home the most awesome toy ever, he was an awful man.. Terrible things went on in that house and one night the Mom packed up all of the kids and fled in the night… The Dad painted the house (top to bottom) fire engine red and hid the rickshaw….

Where was I going with this? I was going to talk about firewood.. Oh, I know..good neighbours to have.. We have one who is clearing some land and invited us to grab whatever firewood we needed. So E has been up there the last couple of days filling the pick up truck.. The trees are small, so cut with the chainsaw they are perfect for the fireplace without splitting..So far E has brought home four truck loads and left one at SoHo.. There is still more.. There is lots so the Y’s will hopefully get all they need too. Fill the pantry so to speak. It is great weather for working outside and it is a satisfying feeling to have a few years supply stacked and ready.

We have most of what we need for next winter (just needs some splitting) and are working on 2015. The wood burns so much better when it has had a couple of years to season. We are fortunate on this property because we have a lot of arbutus trees. The arbutus burn so hot that one nice big log put on the fire at bedtime keeps the living room warm till morning. Often we don’t even need a match to rekindle the flame when we get up. I have no need of a rickshaw any more. We have better neighbours now and a stocked firewood shed is our

new favorite thing

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