safe than sorry

When I was a girl, my Mother often quoted the now cliché phrase  “sea lions outside your bedroom window at bedtime, bark loudest at 4 am”.. I am sure you know it well too.. It is as valid today as it was when my Mother soothed the fears of her youngest daughter..

For the rare few of you who haven’t heard the phrase I will explain…. If something is on your mind (bothering you) when you go to bed, it will seem hopeless by 4 AM, but if you just leave it be… by morning the worry will be gone.. much like the sea lions… Nothing is as bad as it seems at 4 AM… If this actually isn’t a phrase, cliché or not.. it should be.

We got up this morning and those sea lions who were outside our bedroom window at bed time and barking at 4am.. were gone this morning.. It was a beautiful day so we grabbed DY and headed out through the pass to “the other side”.. JN said they were a sight to be seen out at Black Rock… and sure enough.. They were hundreds, quite impressive.

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We forgot to take the charts and despite my assuring DY that we had been there before, we couldn’t get as close to them as we would have liked.. next time.. I promise DY that I will attempt to be a more responsible nautical type….. (remember I am just a city girl gone astray)…….. and put the charts back on the boat….

They are expecting temps at minus 11 tonight. We have a nice big load of Arbutus firewood at the door ready to keep us nice and toasty. We haven’t seen really cold since the few days in November. We aren’t really expecting to have problems with the pipes freezing but didn’t want to be worrying about it at 4 AM. E put some extra insulation on the pipes and holding tank… We thought it was better to be safe than sorry.

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