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of the law


Back in the day I disconnected the door bell at our house in L.. Our house, my rules.. To me.. the door bell ringing translates to STOP WHAT EVER YOU ARE DOING. A STRANGER DEMANDS YOUR ATTENTION!!!!  Don’t get me wrong.. I love visitors. In fact the rule at the family house was that if you were invited or expected… please walk right in… The door is always open if we are at home…All are welcome..

One of my favorite (and there are a lot) of reasons that I love our little house on this island is that there is no door bell. Never was one and I bet there isn’t one on the whole island… There are also few marked addresses… If you are going to be welcome when you come to see us, chances are we have given you directions or you already know where to find us..

When we went to BC Motor Vehicles branch to change our address the guy behind the desk couldn’t make our legal lot address work in the system.. He input various fractions of our address equation (legal lot plus mailing address plus geographic location) and eventually came up with something he was happy with.. All the boxes were filled in and the computer system let him press enter.. Only problem is the address on our drivers license doesn’t exist. I would suggest the reason for a driver’s license address (gruesome as it is) is for notification of next of kin in case of an accident or for the authorities to arrest us for crimes committed. They will have a difficult time using our licences.

Our house is at the bottom of a hill below a quaintly named lane which appears on no map. Our legal lot address is meaningless.. To find us, much like on Mayberry RFD, you need to use landmarks…Go past gossip corner and down dead truck hill. Then turn right past the pond and go down the private lane to the end… turn left at the cedar rail fence and walk down the cliff to the

water…. There is no need to ring a bell.. The dogs will let us know you are there..

I admit I am a hermit and I prefer this private little hide away… We had a friend over for coffee over yesterday, he has in the past referred to our property as Sleepy Hollow.. We haven’t thought of a name for the property which suits it better.. So we are going to go with Sleepy Hollow..

aug 5 111

There may be a sign one day, but probably not..

It is easier this way to stay one step ahead

of the law

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

5 thoughts on “of the law

  1. I love it. Directions from our street address to our house on the rock, well, you can’t get there from here!!
    Keep up with the news and pictures. We enjoy very much. Oh, do you still have any 100lb tanks? One might be nice in lieu of a door bell or three could be made into a great wind chime. Just a thought.

  2. I hope you don’t have the headless horseman running rampant in THIS Sleepy Hollow!!!!!

  3. As a matter of fact, there is a doorbell on the island. Our house is so soundproof that we can’t hear anyone knocking at our door and friends have left thinking we aren’t home. Always hate to miss a social opportunity!

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