do wop songs

We were going to go to town today for dog food (and wine)  but when we woke up it was rainy, windy and yucky.

DM was on the island, so DY thought it would be a good chance to take the fire truck out for a spin and knock the cob webs off…Four of them (KY and E too) took the fire truck up  to Gossip Corner and then back to Dads Folly. They repeated the trip back to Gossip Corner and then down to the fire hydrant behind the CD’s.

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To practice their pumping skills they hooked up the fire hoses and pumped water into the pond. When they went to refill the tank the pipe from the pond was clogged. The truck wasn’t empty but needed topping up. They unplugged the pipe by pushing water from the truck through the pipe to the pond and that seemed to do the trick. When they reversed the process and siphoned the water back into the truck it filled the tank in just a few minutes.

The truck is low on gas so the Y’s will grab a couple of jugs when they are in town this weekend. The tires need some air, that will be the next thing done.

DY thought he could fix our diesel muffler so he and E went to visit JN at his magic workshop.  JN had the right welding rods (as usual) and DY knew what he was doing (it was his business) then bingo bango bongo.. our muffler is fixed. The diesel generator is working and the shed door is closed. Peace has returned to sleepy hollow.

Four volunteers spent 2.5 hours of their time on the truck… I made blueberry muffins and sang (loudly)  50’s

do wop songs.

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