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ocean before me


I woke up to this view out the living room window.

jan 25 008

8 am this morning

The sea lions headed north east between 7 and 8am.. They reversed their route and headed south again around 5pm.. There is no sign of the herring…

A heavy fog came in around 10 am for a few hours but once it lifted I was able to spend the better part of the afternoon reading on the perch.. Sun was shining, birds were singing… ya ya ya I know you are sick of hearing me talk about it.

E’s time was consumed today sterilizing our water for the wine project… To make wine, the water needed to be filtered and boiled. Sterile water takes some extra effort living off grid with water from a well… The water, juice and additives are together at last in the primary fermenter and there is nothing else to do for two weeks.. Biggest problem now will be to keep it at a stable temperature (ideal is 12 degrees).

As we are trying to take it easy for a couple of days we thought it would be a good chance to watch some of the movies we have on our hard drive… Last night we started with The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonard DiCaprio a Martin Scorsese movie.. You would think that would be a safe choice… Let me just say from one friend to another. Do not waste your time… We turned it off after 45 minutes and those 45 minutes I will never get back..I get that it was supposed to be black humour. I admit that I maybe have no appreciation for black humour.. but it was offensive and boring….The Editor should have been fired.

We turned instead to American Hustle.. It was good.. (not outstanding) but good enough..

jan 25 012

4 pm this afternoon

When the day is done I would rather sit in silence and stare at the ocean before me.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “ocean before me

  1. Great photos. What a scene to enhance your life every morning. As for the herring, I’d guess sometime in March?

  2. Love those pictures. No wonder you don’t need to escape the winter with views like that, the wildlife and your wine!

  3. OMG I ACTUALLY paid money to see the Wolf of Wall Street in a movie theatre in English with French subtitles. I was with a friend. I think it was the opening scene that set the “scene” – obscene! We stuck it out. We figured it was 3 hours long because in order to show it in NA it would have to be cut down to less than 1 hour. I guess Carpaccio’s (sp.intentional) performance was not bad, but the rest was plain gratuitous sex and drugs and after a while of snorting and orgies you’re numb. Believe me I’m not a prude, but sorry, one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Agreed… Normally I am a fan of sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. but it was gratuitous and unedited.. really? 10 minutes to discuss midget tossing??

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