conduct their song

After taking a day for rest yesterday we headed to town this morning… I drove the Iuka (training hasn’t begun on the Tinman) as E just wasn’t up to driving yet.

We got to BH and fell into our normal routine with E taking the driver’s seat in the car.. After a few blocks he realized this wasn’t a good plan… We switched places, I drove and the day progressed without a problem.. We got his new meds and he had a blood test to rule out lyme disease (we have tics on the island). Bell Palsy can be an indicator of Lyme, very unlikely. It was a quick trip but E tired easily with his eye giving him the most problems. (it doesn’t close)

For Christmas one of our sons gave me the grape juice (Valpolicella) to make our own wine.. (he knows me well). We had found a place in N where we could take the juice to make and bottle the wine….. But as we were leaving one of our usual stores today there was a giant box of wine making equipment on sale by the door for not much more than the box of what we use as our “house wine”. (It called to me) We brought it home….

Just need some sterile bottles and a few jugs of good water and we should be set to go…. Brother Twelve Wines will begin….White wine and beer to follow if all goes well. (this should reduce emergency trips to N next winter)

We came home to sit in the sun on the perch and wait for the 4 pm sea-lion stroll. We weren’t  disapointed.. There must have been seven large groups (rafts) of sea lions pass us by. I have posted another video.. I apologise it isn’t very good, but you get the idea.. At one point a couple of dozen turned and came to a stop right below me.. It was very very cool. They were lined up as if they were waiting for me to

conduct their song….

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