the same time

The firsts continue with our life here on the island…With our first trip to the hospital behind us we are hoping to look forward to less worrisome firsts with life on the nature channel.

Last year when the sea lions arrived in January they were entertaining. I had never seen large numbers of them feeding in their natural environment…. With them feeding underneath my bedroom window, it was impressive.

The last couple of nights the barking from the sea lions heralded their return. The brown ones arrived first. This afternoon at 4pm there was a large group of black ones (2 dozen) feeding below our living room window. They were impressive. They circle to trap their food, slapping their fins…. (videos are posted under the UTube link)

We did have a question.. When they bark at night are they always on the rocks (at the cut) or do they also bark while swimming?

Tonight beginning around 7pm (and it continues now at 8 pm) another first….. A commotion grew outside our house. Imagine if you will……. the sky black dark…. infinities of bright stars shining over the calm glassy water and the sound… the roaring sound.. of hundreds and hundreds of sea lions.. panting.. huffing and puffing and barking…. circling around the channel…. around and around…. in a circle the size of a city block in front of the cut past our house….. circling sea lions around and around in front of me… We grabbed blankets and sat out on the perch for 45 minutes.. and it was endless… and awesome!!!!

E is tired but doing fine. The transplant team are in favour of his steroid treatment which he will begin tomorrow… Today we took the day off from trips to town, labs and pharmacies. We will take care of it tomorrow..

As the sea lions cycled past us.. close enough to touch (seemingly).. they occasionally barked as they passed by…. The question was answered.. Sea lions can bark and swim at

the same time.

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