bouquets of roses

The seed catalogue arrived in this weeks mail and that brings me to one of winters great past times.. Planning the summer garden. Before I decide on what I want to do this year I have to reflect on last years garden.. Last years garden was a disappointment in a couple of areas.. All of which can be fixed easily.

I love flowers, flowering shrubs especially… As it is planted now, the garden looks its best in May and June… Last year we spent most of June at SoHo and between my absence and the heavy rains.. the garden just did not have its best show… heavy rains bring rampant weeds and I wasn’t here enough to control of them.

I need to face facts that the patio expansion up there is not going to happen (no flat stones) and return that little area back to garden. I don’t need the larger patio and it is just a weed factory with no other plants to lay claim to the soil.

The surprise successes of the garden were the sunflowers planted by the birds with supplies from their feeders and the poppies I scattered to fill space while we wait for the perennials to grow. I also enjoyed my experiments with flower arranging. I had fun making bouquets of flowers to take with us when we were invited out.

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I took out the berry bush as it was in prime garden real estate. For the number of berries produced, I would rather have flowers…The W’s gave us a beautiful rose bush (Queen Elizabeth) which I have planted instead of the berries and I am hoping to fill the rest of the garden with successful cuttings from my other perennials. PR graciously let me store quite a few cuttings in her green house.. Fingers crossed they will be able to fill in where I need them. Worst case scenario I will have to go to the garden centre and shop  (this will not be a hardship).

For the brief nightmare that was living in the Townhouse, I think I missed “thinking about my summer garden in the winter” as much as I did the garden itself. Now that we live here and Christmas planning is over our thoughts turn to the summer months to come. We dream now of evenings with family and friends. Evenings sipping wine on decks decorated with bouquets of roses.

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