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cause to celebrate


Yesterday was yet another first… I have been alone driving the Iluka across once before.. But that time, E had seen me off and caught me as I landed….  Yesterday I untied the boat, drove it over and docked it all on my own. I have now officially graduated from Iluka driving class and yesterday was my final test… It was fortuitous (fancy word) because yesterday, after four-months and a  $3554.00 donation to the Marine Mechanics Retirement Fund, The TinMan (drum roll please)  was ready to go back on the water.

Tinman coming home

Tinman coming home

We brought the Iluka back also. It is safer for her to spend the winter at PC than BH.. We can take it back when it is needed… But, most importantly E has his boat back. We really wanted the Grady for our winter commuting and with the weather getting less awesome these days  it’s a relief to have it available.  I will give E a couple of weeks before I nag him to teach me to drive it too.. But in the meantime I am confident that if there was a problem and we needed me to drive us off the island.. I could do it.. For this city girl it is a huge step…

With this wind and rain storm going on, it was once again a perfect day to hide under a blanket and cough out a lung. Winds this afternoon reached 40 k gusting to 60k . 

jan 11 c 002

Tonights sunset, after the waters calmed

I do not see why I am the one sick when I remained on the dry side of the tideline during the Polar Bear swim but I take comfort with my Baileys and Hot Chocolate… E has his Tawny Port and with the return of his boat he has

cause to celebrate.

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6 thoughts on “cause to celebrate

  1. Great news! Congratulations on the boating. Women need to be at the helm too. Was that a Bay tree plant that you were starting in the last blog entry?

  2. I salute you, oh solo driver, you! Also, great news on Tin Man. I’m sure it’s like money in the bank knowing you have your boat available come what may. (Okay, I need to work on that simile….) Just returned from a very satisfying day with J&M working at the Hawaiian Homelands for Habitat. Whoa, we are all bushed! Blue skies and roosters crowing. Time for a glass of wine!

    • What a wonderful way to spend the day. Hawaii is lucky to have you!!!!

      Just had your Christmas card returned… I guess I have the wrong Lopez address. So belated merry Christmas to you!!!!

      I could use some sunshine….. It sounds wonderful…


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  3. Well done .The transformation from mooring line attendant to Master Mariner and has been awesome. Wish we could spnd more time in your paradise

    • Its your paradise too.. Glad to hear the flights are booked… I dont think E will be thinking I am a Master anything when I start at the beginning again on his boat… 🙂 see you soon

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