stack itself

I have been accused of falsifying weather reports from here on Paradise… (speaking of you MR)… but today I admit it is yucky and rainy and ugly did I mention yucky? We really do have a much better chance of getting outside here than in Vancouver. It is a rare  day we can’t get something productive accomplished. But today was another day for reading… Good thing cause I still feel sick 😦

Read the second of the books recommended,  The Silent Wife yesterday and as PR said, it was a good read.. Today I was researching something for an article I want to write but ended up disappointed with my results… I shall persevere..

Remember when I said on Friday that the island was empty, everyone was gone and that it was ugly windy and not a day to be travelling.. Well someone did.. cause two strange creatures were caught on my super secret motion sensored wildlife cam and they weren’t deer….

In the winter the deer tend to wander around the entrance to our property so hanging the camera there,  we have an additional opportunity to discover looky loos  (or unlikely thieving ne`er do wells) … In the summer there is lots of coming and going of people who live on Owl Lane so we tend to keep the camera out of action … No matter how much RW wants to entertain me on camera. (keep dancin R) We keep it turned off…

But in the winter it is interesting  (scary) to see how people magically turn up and appear on our road who have no business being there… wierd…Well I hope they aren’t afraid of dogs      jan 8b 010.

We had dinner the other night with friends on the island who are great gardeners.. This island is full of gardeners.  Outside, at their front door is a five foot bright healthy green tree. The healthiest you could ever imagine and here it was the 6th of January…. They gave me a cutting which I have started in a pot. I need to travel with a pair of sissors because I always want cuttings……(LCD’s rhodo??????? )

You have to guess what it is… cause I never would have…                                                                              jan 8b 061

Speaking of LCD she sent me a recipe for gluten free cookies which were to die for.. The Y’s came over to watch the hockey game and we inhaled every last one of them for dessert.. Yum…. They were really simple chocolate walnut meringues… and just melted in your mouth..

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow so we can finish moving the chopped wood to  the shed… It isn’t going

to stack itself.

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