you safe journeys

jan 3 114  It was lucky everyone got off the island safely on Thursday as yesterday was ugly windy for 24 hours. We took the opportunity to spend most of the day by the fire and read.. We rerouted our afternoon walk with the dogs and checked our neighbours properties for trees down. There was no damage at all. Just a bitter cold wind blowing… brrrrrr….. 

Today, the wind stopped but it was still pretty cold. Our thermometer said 3 at noon. We had to get the rest of our chairs out of the fire hall. It was cold in the truck on the way down.

             jan 4 027 

At PC an eagle was in the tree above me.. He had some food in his claw but I couldn’t get a picture of what it was…                      

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We parked the car at the hall and walked around to SoHo and down to the beach…. My sister-in-law is really good at finding beach glass.. (We aren’t) But we enjoy mindlessly wandering on the sand in the sunshine… E scored some blue glass and I scored a Moon Snail Shell.           Bacardi was two days late but had her Polar Bear Swim…

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This is the beaver lodge in the summer and how it looks today…

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My last picture is tonight’s sunset… It is a quiet island with all of you gone… we wish

you safe journeys.

jan 4b 008

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