landed in paradise

It is cliché to say I had a great time last night. Thank you for the great evening.. But honestly.. I have not laughed so much in years..

BK (before kids).. I never really liked New Years. Too many people feeling that they had to get sick drunk to have fun.. When the kids were young, I really enjoyed New Years. We would  rent movies and have Chinese food. One year we watched Speed and Maverick as a double bill with the furniture all turned around like a theatre… It was nice..

Then they became teenagers…. New Years was a worry.. We wouldn’t have even a glass champagne as we would be on the ready to drive groups of kids home from parties and would worry until we knew they were all safe and sound… Not so much revelling as much as worrying all night…

I am not comfortable at the formality of a normal New Years Party as I am incapable of mingling… I just cannot chit-chat. It isn’t in me and it is awkward with nowhere to hold up my arm… (so I normally hide at parties washing dishes or if I can’t do that… hand out food). This New Years was in a word awesome.

We had 24 (on an isolated island in January). Everyone brought food… There was seafood bisque, three types of lasagna, stuffed pork roast, beef carrpacio, chili, ham, salads, trifle, cheesecake and chocolate.. these islanders are great cooks.. so much delicious food. (cooked off grid)..

The entertainment started at nine.. Your level of participation was entirely up to you… If you only wanted to be supportive and cheer in the audience that was fine. Everyone was encouraged and certainly the group efforts were a big hit because there is safety in numbers….  It was a great crowd and as always here on the island.. everyone had your back.. A couple of times the whisper went around.. “he/she needs us” and others jumped to the stage to sing back up.. In the end EVERYONE got up at one point and braved the mike.

I personally loved  the Supremes  Lovers Concerto… All of the women in the building got up to sing that one. Looking around the room there was nothing but smiles and gales of laughter, all night long.. Honestly you cannot go wrong beginning a year with so much laughter….The grand total cost of the evening was $7.00 for the tablecloths and whatever we spent on gas for the generator…. Not bad value for the money….


The next morning 8 brave souls hit the water for the annual Polar bear swim…. The W’s then invited everyone  (21) for a grand luncheon, hot tub party with mulled wine and spiked hot chocolate. AW had made Profiteroles for dessert (in her spare time between (2 am and 11am)


To quote TK, “we are a community brought together by a desire to be alone”But I have to say, when we get together we have a lot of darned fun. We will be down to a handful for the rest of the winter and honestly I need a rest.. but in reflection of 2013 I can only summarize that we have

landed in paradise.

8 thoughts on “landed in paradise

  1. Tears in my eyes…from watching all the fun (totally loved the pix) and your last lines! I’m so wonderfully happy for you both! But BOY does it make me homesick! xoxo


  2. Tears in my eyes…from watching all the fun (totally loved the pix) and your last lines! I’m so wonderfully happy for you both! But BOY does it make me homesick! xoxo


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