dream at a time

We are back to the island after a wonderful Christmas in town with the family. Christmas Eve and morning at our sons. Christmas day at my Moms. (sister did all of the cooking)…. Boxing Day at my Sister in-laws… In six very busy days we managed to see most of our family and some of our friends… Christmas is all about family, so we were pleased that so many were able to be together…

Back to the island and another year  living out our bucket list.

The first day back we had the gang over for more cleaning, carding and spinning of island fleece. CH was able to come this time. She actually knows what she is doing. She is so calm when feeding the roves into the spinning wheel.. No squeaking like I do when I start to freak out…. One day I too hope to be calm….I still tend to panic when I feel it getting away from me..

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The London pair had arrived that morning and she was able to come down and say hi while he got their systems going… So great they were able to make it in time for the  New Years Extravaganza..!!!

Billed as a Volunteer Fire Department Appreciation Evening, all systems are go for the party tonight. We are having a potluck dinner with Karaoke and dancing… Using a donated tv with E’s laptop Karaoke program, we have a great variety of songs available for the brave souls willing to get up to entertain the crowd.(we are expecting about 24) We stole two mikes and a stand from our kids Rock Band Game  and they work great with the speakers from our old sound system.. I found brand new tablecloths at the thrift store.. (50 cents a piece) which dress up the room a bit… The Y’s, E and I went to the hall before Christmas. We swept it out and wiped down the tables and counters.You can’t really help but notice you are surrounded by fire fighting equipment but we have tables and chairs set up, and christmas lights hung on the walls.. DY covered a prawn buoy with tinfoil (no expense spared) and wrote Happy New Year on it.. It is suspended from the ceiling of the fire hall as a disco ball

We couldn’t stop ourselves from helping E with his sound check….

This morning we met at the hall for the final touches… The Karaoke has a mysterious pull and everyone (almost) got up to give it a try before tonight’s big show… With the small group expected tonight everyone is feeling like we are in a very safe comfort zone and our confidence is high….. E and I are going to sing a Sonny and Cher song  (I am playing the part of Cher) and all the women are invited (safety in numbers) to sing You Don’t Own Me from The First Wives Club. (I am playing the part of Goldie)…

So I finish 2013 living my dream of being Goldie Hawn and Cher on the same night. Another tick on the bucket list. I am living my years

one dream at a time.

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