heart out, Disney

We are nothing if not flexible here on the island. We had planned on going to town but it was cold and stormy out on the water and there was no urgent reason to go. So we put another pot of coffee on the stove, another log on the fire and turned the CBC back on the radio. They were discussing favorite Christmas movies and family traditions.

While Vancouver is covered in snow, at our end of the island we had just a dusting.The cold heavy rain just makes it miserable, not peaceful or pretty looking… We still have hopes of gorgeous pastoral pictures of the sheep on the farm.. It isn’t going to happen today.

The girls (chickens) were all safe and snuggled inside their coop when we got to the farm. One, was still sitting on her nest and wouldn’t let me take her eggs… She is a good Mom, and I let her and her eggs be. The sheep looked miserable tucked under the trees out of the rain…. I don’t know why they aren’t in their little barn thingy.. they seem to stay close to the chickens and geese… I am sure I am the last person the sheep should take advise from (see my freezer ) but I would think they would be warmer in their barn thingy.

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As a Mom, I was  not perfect. My children know well that when it came to parenting I had one fault (just one). I hate animated movies. Last night I was more than surprised to find myself enjoying a Christmas animated movie.. The Polar Express… Our kids had the book and it was one of their favorites.. When the movie came out.. E took them to the theatre. He also took them to Finding Nemo, Harry Potter and every other children’s movie there was. I could not bring myself to sit through two hours of any cartoon…Last night it seemed the Christmassy thing to do (the Canucks were losing).. and as I said, I am nothing if not flexible.  I quite enjoyed it….

Favorite Christmas tradition.. Now you might think this one odd and probably further question my suitability as a Mother…. You know how kids like to stay up late on Christmas Eve;  Grandma and Auntie are there; the tree is decorated;  Dad is going to read  Twas the night before Christmas; it’s all very exciting; Santa is coming. But they stay up late, they get tired.. and then grumpy on Christmas day with not enough sleep… The day is ruined by tired sleepy grumpy kids…. sooooo….. (You Grandparents might want to write this one down and pass it on to your kids)….. around noon on December 24th.. I changed all the clocks in the house to read two hours later….

My precious kiddies (love you!) thought they were eating dinner at 7 pm.. (5) That they were staying up til 10 pm (8). They actually ate and went to bed at their normal time. E and I then still had plenty of time to build bikes and wrap presents.. BRILLIANCE…. I am a GENIUS!!!!!!

So I will leave you to discuss your favorite Christmas traditions and movies. Mine is An Affair to Remember with Deborah Ker and Carey Grant (1957).  When Grant tells Ker “If it had to be one of us why did it have to be you!”  I cry every time.. You cannot beat dialogue like that!  Eat your

heart out, Disney

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