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be a test

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We sold the big family home and moved to a brand new gorgeous townhome. Nothing to do but move in.. Everything was white and pretty. We were set for “life after raising kids” or as some call it, retirement. There is a fear that once retired, days will be come repetitive and routine. Early retirement simply extending the number of years rotting in front of a TV. Once settled into the townhome I learned how to work the remote on the garage door and the remote on the TV. I committed to memory where to leave the bucket of dog poop for the dog poop pick up guy. (interesting career choice)….Once I had those three tasks fully understood, I was prepared for our new townhouse life. We lasted a year.

It doesn’t matter how long you work, or how early you retire.. The secret to a long and happy life (I suspect) is to continue learning. I don’t necessarily mean book learnin.. I never did enjoy taking formal courses.. I hate hate hate being tested.. If  school didn’t have so many  exams I would have played less bridge and attended more Biology.  The F’s turned us on to T.E.D. talks and we enjoy listening to them (when my data allows). They also recommend the lifelong learning programs offered at the SFU downtown campus. There is a great variety of courses and no tests! We are more than a little envious but it is kind of a long commute for us.

It is the depth of winter eh?** There are only six of us left on the island. Those who aren’t book learnin in Vancouver, climbing volcanos in Mexico or tasting wine in Europe are visiting family for the holidays.. Over the winter others will come and go but for the most part there will be less than a dozen here at any given time…

With few other candidates, the woman who works the farm asked me to feed the chickens while she is off island for a couple of days. Something to learn. It isn’t rocket science but it is always a good day when I get to do something I have never done before. We went up first thing this morning to check on their safety (no mink have visited), check on their water and feed. The eggs were collected and data recorded (eight, none damaged). It is no trouble at all and I am thrilled to get to do it…

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**For those non Canadians who follow along I will give a loose translation of our word Eh? and its various uses.

Cold out today eh?                 read as                                                                                                   It’s cold out today, better put a coat on.                    

The dogs are hungry eh?      read as                                                                                                  The dogs are hungry, you should feed them.        

There goes the ferry eh?       read as                                                                                             There goes the ferry, shit we missed it    

It is the depth of winter eh? read as                                                                                                     It is the depth of winter,     I.GET.TO.FEED.THE.CHICKENS.!

so far it is lots of fun but I didnt think to ask RS if, when she returns there will

be a test

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Look out for the Rooster & the Ram. There is a reason they call Rams, Rams. If the chickens all are alive when RS returns, you will have passed the field test. Better than a written test any day! Have fun and good luck. CW

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