not forgotten them

This blog is supposed to be a record of our life on the island. It really comes down to a record of firsts. Our first sunset, full moon, beaver visit. The first dinner invitation, first dinner party… first summer, winter and now our first calendar year. From January to December. After 20 months we have completed our first calendar year.. start to finish.. 2013 is coming to an end, and the great memories of the year leave us humbled.

New Years always makes me sad.. I cry at Auld Lang Sang.. I am hoping this Eve to be singing. The islanders have plans. You will hear all about it. Today though, sitting by the fire with the music rock’in and roll’in on the stereo, I thought  would be a good day to begin a  recap of our first calendar year.

First answer, yes we are indeed still speaking to each other. Second answer, I will have spent 13 night off the island this year.. E a couple more… We will have had 352 beautiful sunsets. ( I have a picture of every one of them), and no we never get tired of seeing them.. The wildlife visits have been amazing.. This house, so close to the cliff.. (in fact partly hanging over the cliff)

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It gives you the impression of living on a boat (without the rocking)… so when there is a seal or whale in the ocean near by.. They are close… (yet stubborn to stay still for photos)

The most useful item we brought with us to the island was our silk long johns.. The unexpected necessities we had to buy were a top of the line down comforter and a really good camera..  The wildlife and colours just begged me to take quality pictures. (our cheap camera was frustrating)  I find taking pictures is really a great way to enhance a walk in the forest.. It forces me to slow down (stop) on our walks. To really see what we have been looking at.. (seeing and looking being two very different verbs). But the best  pictures have been taken from our front perch or through our living room window… We have a privileged view of the sea and its activities.

We have been welcomed into so many cozy homes, shared countless bottles of wine with new friends and old.. We can set those memories aside for the moment. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about them. This afternoon I watched a tug. seemingly forget his logs…. I took some great pictures of the crew jump around the logs when they came back to take it through the narrows. Apparently they had just set the logs aside

not forgotten them

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