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I had originally written a post today which lamented Christmas’s past.. On and on about missing our old home at Christmas time… The post was written and set to go when it became time to take Sammi up Owl Lane to shake his leg. So I set it aside and headed up the lane.

I took the camera with me as the colours seemed particularly warm on the rocks and moss by the house.

For the middle of December the temperatures were remarkable.. Blue skies and the sounds of the remaining robins in the Arbutus.. it could have been spring.. I lost track of time trying to get a picture of the robins at gossip corner. When J drove by.  He invited me to the cliff above the farm to try to get a good sunset picture.. Too much time gabbing about it.. I missed the great colours.. maybe next time.

I came back to the house, sat down ready to press send on the posting and realized it sounded like a petulant school girl. I am grateful we live here. I don’t regret moving here for a minute .. Afternoon walks down Owl lane restore

my soul, daily

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2 thoughts on “my soul, daily

  1. That arbutus ridge shot is incredible! I once too snow pix from up above the farm where you were for your farm shots. Made a neat Christmas card with the little Flewitt cabin and some sheep strolling by.

    • We are hoping for a good one for next years cards…!! I can just imagine how beautiful it could be……
      I continue to walk in your footsteps (I feel a blog post coming on 🙂 )

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