day is done

Ok.  Lets get right to the point of todays post… The seagulls were making a great kerfuffle in the middle of the channel this afternoon.. So I took pictures in case there was a whale. Large groups of kerfuffling seagulls have been an indicator in the past…. I have as evidence for you three pictures… Don’t blink.

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What do you think?  Humpback??   Too big for a ducks rear end…  It is after all, Sunday and that seems to be the day that whales visit…

It was finally warm enough in the bathroom to go in and clean it.. I have been avoiding the chore lately as the sight of my breath was disconcerting. The Pacific Energy Stove was working almost too well this afternoon  and when the sun came out the house was 27 degrees when it was -1 outside… It was only 3:30 so too early to pour my wine.. (I have rules).. so I took the camera down to the cut for more pictures..

The water was calm and the sun was  bright, … (sounds like a Christmas Carol).. so I thought it would make for some pretty pictures…

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here is my favorite from 330 this afternoon.                         dec 8b 027

It is 4:30 now.  Christmas projects are done, the bathroom is clean and the hockey starts at five, my

day is done..

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