I could do

Ok.  This one is confusing…. try to keep up..

We knew a guy, who knew a guy who had an engine to sell for parts… The guy who had the engine knew a guy who could bring the engine down to the coast to our guy. Our guy received the engine this week, removed the part (and a few extra) for us and sent it over to the island with a guy he knew. The guy he knew called us last night and told us that the parts that our guy got  from the engine from a guy he knew had arrived via the guy the engine guy knew and the guy our guy knew, him…    so…whew…

We went to town to see him and hand over $2000.00…. (Merry Christmas)                 

The mechanic who is going to install the part on our boat isn’t available until Monday so we dropped the parts at the R’s (they are so nice) and they are going to very kindly take them to the mechanic on Monday.. It should be a simple twenty-minute job to install the part, but we still have to pay for his time  and for his time to pick up and return our boat to its moorage. Costs were also accruing while they were investigating the cause of the problems.. soooooo I have budgeted a bunch of money.  If it is more than what we have set aside will could be selling a dog…… If it is less we could be buying more dogs… (shhh don’t tell E)…………..

All things being just and fair in the world we should have the Tinman back on the water tinman 021

this week… I have missed her…. (and you won’t have to hear any more about it)

It was meant to be brief trip but still consisted of fifteen stops. One of which was the liquer store..   We were getting dangerously low on wine. It was a really cold trip over there (minus 6).. much colder than here (minus 2)  …I drove again.. Trip over and parking was perfect.. On our return, leaving BH, I was too close to a neighbouring boat and E had to guide us away from the big fat honking motor that is always in my freaking way… sigh…!       but still not bad….

On the upside of life.. all of the engines on all of the cars, trucks and boats started first time for our journey,  which after last nights sub zero temperatures, was a miracle.

dec 7 010 Moving here E has had to teach me drive a standard truck and to drive the Iluka and now he is going  to have  to turn over the wheel to the Tinman.

Loading up the truck on our way home at PC..  E carried the diesel (2 more jugs) and I carried the boxes of wine…. it was the least

I could do..

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