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gonna be rich!!!!


When we went to town this week one of our stops was the Post Office.. We get very little mail. In the city our mail was usually bills but now that we live off grid  our only bill is that darned cell bill and Telus finds us by email.. The post box rarely produces much more than magazines which I still receive (for free) while I use up old air miles points… Chatelaine, Style at Home and Canadian Gardener provide my light reading material.

This week the light reading material is all about Christmas baking and decor.. The Christmas baking they are talking about is not gluten-free and I would suggest, not very heart healthy.. but the pictures do look gorgeous. Big plates of festive goodness. It will not be a surprise to any of you that our commitment to gluten-free living is going to be put on a temporary pause while we spend December consuming gingerbread, shortbread and mincemeat tarts…. We can start again in January.. besides E is starving to death.

Style at Home is a particularly stupid magazine. That, or I am so out of touch of reality that it is best that I do live on an island. Style at Home suggests decorating ideas and in a helpful sort of way provide three different price points depending on your decorating budget.. they rarely mention my decorating budget. My decorating budget it oddly the same as my makeup budget. (my last mascara came free in a tampax box).  I do read the magazine to see if there are ideas I can copy within my budget. This summer they had a special issue all about decorating your vacation cabin.. I live in what most people would call a vacation cabin.. (everyday is a holiday). So I thought that issue would be  of particular interest.

They had a picture of coffee tables which would look nice in a cabin environment… It is important you see an actual picture of the coffee table so I have gone to the trouble to pull the magazine out and take a picture…DSCN7912

Tree stump coffee tables are kind of cute, I have to admit. The white couches for a cabin on an island were an idea from a decorator whose idea of an island is Manhattan. But the tables were cute.  I looked at the next picture where the designer suggests how much these nice coffee tables are worth at the designer cabin coffee table store.. Now keeping in mind.. they are natural tree stumps… so that must be considered.. Again I feel you need to see the picture up close..


  $ 239.00  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is simple… all you other islanders.. Once we figure out shipping we are all                                                   DSCN3165-001

gonna be rich…!!!!

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “gonna be rich!!!!

  1. Alex very sweetly made me six of those tables for the sun room
    . Getting them level is a challenge. Do I owe him $1,434.00?

  2. I loved the part about the WHITE chesterfields, curtains, pillows, and even stripes in the rug. Works so well with workboots. Oh, all should be taking off the workboots? Well then maybe garden soiled and fir needle laden sox + white striped rugs? This reminds me of someone who sweetly gave me a cookbook of “cabin recipes.” They were all comprised of at least 2 and maybe 5 CANS of something. Does anyone use cans anymore? Made me wonder how they think we of the “cabin life” live!

    • We were just commenting that every piece of our clothing is now black too…. white is useless!!! hahah black dressed cowboys werent bad guys .. they were must practical…

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