it a hood

I wasn’t going to post today as I wonder sometimes if you are tired of hearing about life on the island.. But this is supposed to be a record of life here and I wanted to mention another first.. Well it is a first for us…

Our end of the island has a large population of Arbutus trees. Arbutus trees which as you all know are evergreen and in the winter have big fat juicy red berries. Last week the seagulls were eating the berries off the tree at our living room window. I don’t have a picture.. I thought I did.. but I can’t find it… We have a lot of Arbutus on our property and their leaves form a canopy over a lot of the land. The branches of the trees filled yesterday with hundreds of robins.. I know.. robins.. en mass.. hundreds of them .. everywhere and they are eating the Arbutus berries.. walking on the driveway up to get wood.. I was having to duck for cover.. at first from the berries and then it occurred to me other stuff could be dropping on me….  I have never heard of or have seen hundreds of robins together at once… in June, let alone December…

very very cool indeed I may say.. something new again for me. I will try to get a picture tomorrow or at least a video so you can hear the sound of it..

We accomplished so much today.. E redrained the pipes at the neighbours up above, then went to deliver the newsletter to J on the other side of the island. There are probably only about twenty people on the island and he said he saw most of them on his drive. The big gossip on the island is that one of the cabins has sold which has been on the market for a long time. It was a very good deal and I am not surprised that it is the first of the properties on the market to sell. Apparently it is a couple in their sixties who have bought it… I hope he (or she) is a car mechanic….

I spent the morning teasing the wool.. I still have quite a bit to go in my bag (I had three bags full). I need to finish teasing/cleaning it before I can take it up to MB’s to card… I have the spinning wheel here to try… I want to try spinning again as a reward for getting my bag cleaned.. I want to save the best for last…

This is the November 25th sunset for my friend SF. I had no where else to put it in todays blog but smack in the middle …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

back to my day…..

This afternoon I was making Christmas cards for my Mom to send out. I had ordered photos from Costco (winter scenes from 2010 because we haven’t seen snow here since)   and we picked them up yesterday. I bought the card stock on sale at Michaels in the summer.. All set to make the cards I opened the photos from Costco. The photos weren’t so much winter scenes of Dunlop Lane as pictures of two teen boys (with braces). I presume some proud Mom was going to include these pictures with her Christmas cards… I think her friends will quite enjoy the pictures of Dunlop Lane but my Moms friends aren’t quite so interested in her sons bracie smiles…. Luckily there were a couple of envelopes which had some of my correct choices… I called Costco to warn them an angry Mother of two boys with braces would be coming in….. I will get my $2.00 refunded.. (developing is SO cheap now!!!)……

I was not satisfied that such a mass of robins would just be called a flock.. After all, crows have their Murder and geese have their Gaggle.. I looked it up and there is no specific term for groups of robins… I have invented one, I call

it a hood.


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