in three weeks

When you hate to go to town, like I do. you make the trip count. We define our trips by the number of stops.. Today was an eighteen stop day…. It is tiring for us but more so for the puppies… They wait in the car and  greet us each time.. (eighteen times!) like they haven’t seen us since the seventies…. We felt the love… Don’t bother suggesting we leave them at home.. they aren’t the stay at home kind of dogs..

One of the items on my list was labels.. Address type labels.. to put on my canning.. People (my friends) are hesitant to accept gifts of home canning which are unmarked. I wanted to find labels. I didn’t want to make an extra stop so had hoped they would be at one of the scheduled stops. Post Office, Costco (didn’t need 500) or the Printers  (we were picking up the newsletter) proved fruitless..

At Rexall Pharmacy, E was able to get his flu shot while I expected to pick up my labels.. Their stationery department didn’t have any but with a Post Office in the store I thought address labels would be cinch.. The store had frozen pizzas, milk, bread, socks, perfume, sunglasses and christmas wrapping. They didn’t have address labels.. They suggested I go to stationery store. I felt that if the pharmacy had milk and bread it would make sense to wander over to Country Grocer and see if they had address labels.

While E was filling the diesel and gas jugs (two of each) I went into Country Grocer.. I looked near the canning jars and in the birthday card and stationary areas to no avail. A nice young Manager type (he was wearing a tie) fellow came by and asked me if I need help… I asked if they had such a thing as address labels.. His response and I kid you not.. was to take me to the butcher department.

He asked the butcher to get  a roll of the stickers they put on packaged meat… Asked me how many I wanted.. unrolled the tape of stickers .. and gave me twice what I needed….  put them in a plastic bag… “no charge”  he said.. “Merry Christmas.. I am sorry we didn’t have exactly what you were looking for but hopefully this will do the trick..”

Honest to God kids.. we all need to do our shopping at Country Grocer.. that kind of customer service does not come around every day..

It might have been tiring, but we accomplished all we needed to accomplish… I am now well stocked with food, wine, diesel, gas and Christmas projects to entertain me until we have to leave again in three weeks.

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