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up your pants


The Coast Guard came by this morning… gave us a wave.. Their boat was as close to our living room window as a car driving down the street in the front of your house. Although it is flat and calm, they are the only boat we have seen out there this morning. We have, it seems, the ocean to ourselves.

Chances are if you have a boat and you have been through the cut this year … we have a picture of you. Friend or stranger, big or small, pants on or off. we have pictures of most of you. The picture of the (circumcised) fellow who dropped his drawers in front of my living room window was, I admit, deleted.

I don’t know why I started to photograph boats but I probably have as many pictures of boats as I do sunsets.. (I have a lot of sunsets!)..I have  sailors of all ages, with life jackets or without.. dogs on the deck .. dogs on laps.. sometimes they aren’t very good pictures because boats, like whales keep moving and won’t sit still while I find my glasses. But it entertains me.. and it is all about my entertainment.

Here are an example of what drives past my window.

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So just a heads up the next time you drive past my window or through the cut, remember to smile and pull up your pants.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Quite the show! Love the ones with spray…seeing the rough eather from afar, that is! Brings back memories of what I used to call “bell ringing weather.” The bell on our ex-Forestry boat would ring on its own as we moved through lumpy seas….

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