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If I told you how many gigs of data we used last month (18 gigs with a total bill $400.00 for two Iphones and all of our data), your eyes would either glaze over like mine would have last year (out of boredom) .. or pop out of your head (out of thriftiness). There is no better data plan out there for what we require but it remains unbelievably expensive. Every month we re-adjust our plan features to maximize our usage but it remains astronomical…We may live off grid, and I will sit in the dark 24 hours a day to save diesel (runs the generator)  but I need my internet access… In my defence I am not watching kitten videos… I am looking up crap for the newsletter (hopefully interesting crap).. I am uploading videos of beavers etc…. But this month, the charges were over the top insane.

Every time one of my friends posts a recipe or a game score on Facebook and it appears in my news feed… data charges accrue… After I took my friends out of my news feed I would go to look at their pages.. I would get pictures of words to live by or commercials for Costco or Visa or whatever.. data charges accrued….

I can’t apparently use both WordPress for my blog and Facebook without selling my left lung…. soooooo   Facebook is going to go. (again refer to previous posts about upcoming boat engine costs). My kids aren’t travelling at the moment which is why I initially used Facebook (to see if they were alive)  and they follow our blog… If I need to reach them..I have been assured they will answer my texts (I hate talking on the phone) … and they will hopefully read my blog to see if we are still alive…

When we are in Vancouver with free internet we will be sure to check our friends Facebook pages and catch up with their news…With regard to  our story here, I figure anyone who reads it does it by choice.. It is one of a city girl living a life, off grid, on an island. I recognize, it has a limited audience.. but if I can keep my family posted on our island life and include you all for the ride… It works for me..Lets hope the wildlife cooperate.  You are all welcome..

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Good reason to not use facebook. btw, I watch kitten videos when I’m down here with unlimited gigs LOL Not as much now that we have 2 of our own. Love your blog !

  2. You are a wonderful writer and story teller M. You should write a book about all this : “living on a small rock” ? I enjoyed reading it all. 🙂


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