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away in Yesterday?


Three hours after leaving Ladner, we were walking in the door of our home. Our truck started at PC (surprise!!!) so once we unloaded the boat we were quick to get home. The house was seven degrees inside. The inverter had collected sun and was reading -46..  ( our reader is opposite to most others on the island) for us -46 is good..

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I drove the boat home again and I must say the last three return trips have gone very well. I am just getting the hang of the Iluka and E is going to have to teach me to how to drive the Tinman… Not any time soon though. We came back without the part for the boat. It hadn’t arrived from the Charlotte’s yet and I didn’t  want to sit in Ladner waiting for it. When it arrives we will think of some way to get it here.. But I suspect the guy who knows our guy who has the part is probably trying to save money by sending it down with a guy he knows who is coming anyways.  (too confusing?)

We emptied the ashes from the fireplace while we had the chance and then built a nice big roaring fire with lots of Arbutus for that special intense heat.. With a hot cup of tea and a dog under the blanket on my lap we were quite comfortable for a simple dinner of cheese and crackers.

Travel days are always long ones whether we go to Vancouver or just to Nanaimo. We had a couple of hours before the hockey game  to relax by the fire and catch our breath. When it was time for the game, I prepared my hot water bottle. I changed into my silk long johns, flannel pj’s and St. Paul’s hospital  thermal thigh high socks (borrowed not stolen)  to go down to the den to watch the game. (It’s a classy look)

I was in Cormier’s class in elementary school, but we went to the other teacher for science. Help me out Barb what was his name? I remember that he drank Ovaltine every day at recess. The couch in the den is five feet from the wood stove, but three feet lower. It was ten degrees colder in the den. It is a rare day on this island that I don’t learn something new. But Mr. Ovaltine taught us that hot air rises so I went down to the den prepared.

Do they still make Ovaltine? Or along with the recipe boxes is it hidden away in Yesterday?

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

6 thoughts on “away in Yesterday?

  1. I always drank Ovaltine too, and Horlicks – remember that? Actually, Thrifty’s still carry them. I’ll have to get some as you’ve now reminded me of how much I enjoyed them.

  2. .Mr. Gale – I think it was Mr. Gale

  3. Your first comment worked perfect.. I deleted the second one.. But thanks very much.. and thanks for following along.. I hoped you would be out there to help me out!!!

  4. Yes, thanks M for the memory of Ovaltine. I too sipped on it every day in the winter and will look for it at the store next time. Welcome back. (We have the fleece and it may be ready to card tomorrow. Do you want to come over and try it?)

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