stay too long

Last year I decided to scan all of the old family photos and make copies for the kids.. Proof, as it were, that we were decent parents.. But I ran out of time and it became one more project slated for this winter. I spent this week scanning pictures.  I think I am done, unless I find more bins of pictures in my Moms garage.. Now it is a process of sorting through them so they are reasonably organized. This could probably take me a year. 2015, they will make a nice Christmas present…

E was much more productive. Yesterday morning he finished his project up at the neighbours. He took yesterday afternoon off. (he was entitled) This morning he was able to start on the to-do list at our house….

The days and nights are getting colder so it was time to deal with some issues we are having with heat loss. He added some boards to the upper wall between the den and kitchen. Should stop the hot air in the den (if there is any) from leaking back into the kitchen. He insulated the cubby door in the den (access path to the batteries) and insulated the walls of the cubby with the  insulation our friends gave us. (thanks S & B) We were going to use the insulation for the studio reno but that isn’t going to happen soon… and my feet were cold.

Not much on the wildlife front this week. We had two male deer MMA wrestling up on the driveway. We came up in the morning to see the dirt all torn up.. You can see where they were pushing against each other by the foot (hoof?) prints…. I know it isn’t a great picture but you can’t always have dolphins…..

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Copying all of the old photo albums gave me the chance to review pictures of some really happy times when we were first married and the kids were young. A few years ago we lost four friends to three types of cancer. I enjoyed looking at their smiles in the old photos and thinking of all the happy times.  It was important to go down memory lane and relive the good times with great friends. Memory lane is a good place for a short visit but we probably shouldn’t stay too long…

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