for a minute

We had very special guests this weekend. nov 10 052The previous owners  of our property were on island for a couple of days. They built this house and had lived in it for twenty years. They had been coming to the island for forty-five years and were vital members of  the community.. It was a quick visit and we were happy they were able to spend some of their time with us here… They came down around three…

We try to keep our camera and binnoculars on the coffee table in front of the living room window.. We never know when we are going to need them. but with the R’s coming for tea I had cleaned up and put the camera away… It is usually in the early morning when interesting things happen on the water in front of the house..Having said, that I realize it isnt true, during the summer we  had whales at 3 in the afternoon…. but I cleaned the house and put everything away. We had guests coming!!

B arrived before M, and we had just sat down.. I was pouring tea with my back to the window when B and E, both said they had seen a fin… whales? No there were Pacific White Sided Dolphins.. hundreds of them. E looked for and found the camera and we were able to get lots of pics and a good video… they surfaced in front of our house and swam up to the area between Link and Mudge.. played there for a while.. and then turned around and came back and played in front of our house for a little longer.. M arrived while they were on their return so she had a good look at them also… They were playing exactly where the whales had been last Sunday morning.  But the Dolphins didn’t proceed through Dodd Narrows.. they turned around and came back down Stuart channel and disappeared south..

The R’s said in the twenty years they had been here, they had never seen the dolphins here… It was an amazing sight.. I was so glad the dolphins appeared  when the R’s were here to see them… It couldn’t not have been planned better.

But lesson learned.. Camera always on the coffee table and never turn my back

for a minute

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