how it goes

The day started with a California sea lion swimming under the arbutus tree at my window. Big fellow. He was back again just after noon, hanging out at the cut.  He seems to eat at the same times as I do.

Shortly after the sea lion went past there was a splash in the water which caught our attention.. It was a duck diving in a panic.. Two eagles were hunting him. They were dive bombing him and hovering over the water waiting for him to come up for air.. The eagles never knew where he was going to come up next. The game went on for several minutes. As we now know though,  eagles have a small attention span… The duck was able to escape uneaten.

I got a picture of  him and saw why the eagles felt he would be easy prey. He had a fishing rod wound around his foot.. very odd… He flew away with the rod hanging from his foot… poor wee thing…

We had bad news about our boat yesterday. They were unable to find a used part and it is going to cost 5000.00 to fix it. E called the guy who we bought the boat from.. He refits boats and ours had been an off shore fishing boat up in the Charlottes.. Good news !! (maybe??) He wrote back this morning that he might know  a guy.. so we know a guy who might know a guy who could get us a used part and save us some money… fingers crossed….

This afternoon I made gluten free scones, drank coffee and worked on the tidelines. It is coming together faster than I expected. I have lots of material so that makes it so much easier…Like the National Enquirer we might publish the December 1st issue on November 25th. Cheaper data charges if we email it from Vancouver when we are there for the family AGM…I will see

how it goes.

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